Our Rooms

Most of our rooms overlook Carver's Harbor. Others look out over the village or the serenity of Carver's Pond. Typically, each berth has its own deck overhanging the water, a queen bed and a single bed, cable TV and private bath. Wireless internet is available. Other accommodations are tucked away elsewhere in the Tidewater and we've tried to make these unique in some way. One has a kid's sleeping loft. Many of our rooms have full kitchens. The spacious Harbormaster's Berth boasts a commanding view of the Harbor and the southern bay beyond, and can accommodate a large family or serve as a meeting place for as many as forty people. Several rooms above and below can be combined with the Berth to create suites for families or big groups.

We do not allow smoking on the premises, nor pets, except for a couple of rooms we keep for that purpose. Kids are always welcome and encouraged.

Our Rates

The rates shown below are based on single or double occupancy. An $8.00 charge is assessed for each additional guest. Kids 10 years of age and under always stay free of charge. Families with more than one Child over 10 years old are not charged for more than one.

Jun 1 through Labor Day: $195 - $220 ($330 for the Harbormaster‘s Berth/Gathering Place or Millstream Cottage)
September (post Labor Day): $180 - $205 ($295 for the Harbormaster's Berth/Gathering Place or Millstream Cottage)
October & May: $145 - $180 ($265 for the Harbormaster's Berth/Gathering Place or Millstream Cottage)

Remainder of the year: $120 - $145 ($235 for the Harbormaster's Berth/Gathering Place or Millstream Cottage)

Rates vary according to several variables such as whether the room occupies a loftier perch, is on the ocean or has a kitchen.

Contact us for details.

Featured Rooms

The Mill Race

Settling in at the Mill Race, located directly above the water flowing between Carver's Harbor and Carver's Pond, is easy. As many of our returning guests can tell you though, it's not easy to leave. The Mill Race is as near as you can get to being afloat without having to hoist anchor and unfurl the sails.

Enjoy a romantic waterfront dinner, prepared in your own fully equipped galley kitchen or brought in from a nearby restaurant, or a nightcap as you watch the Harbor turn gold and silver in the setting sun. Morning coffee on your harborside deck will be a whole new experience, as the island's lobster fishing fleet heads out to sea.

The tide is relentless in its determination that you relax and unwind. Let the sound of the moving water lull you to the luxury of deep unequalled sleep.


The Aerie

The cozy rooftop berth that is The Aerie will remind you of the cabin of a vintage yacht, with everything you need tucked neatly into place. Cool salty ocean breezes and the musical sounds of the rushing tide pour in through your very private in-roof deck. The spectacular view is of Carver's Harbor and miles and miles of southern ocean beyond. You can probably see your own house from here, no matter where you come from, if you look long enough.

The Crow's Nest

More and more people, it seems, are looking for a place to fall in love. That‘s why we created the supremely private Crow‘s Nest; the most often requested room at The Tidewater. Not everyone comes to fall in love though; some are already smitten and just want to nourish the romance. Others are crazy about the view, the early morning sun coming up to port, the lobster fleet going about its daily business and the evening sun setting to starboard, The ‘island cottage‘ elegance of this lofty perch extends to its rooftop deck where, when the moon rises in a clear clean night sky; you'll remember why you're here.


The Harbormaster's Berth

The Harbormaster's Berth is just what the name suggests. If you‘re in residence, as far as I'm concerned, you're the Harbormaster. This second floor suite hangs, quite literally, over the Harbor. Just to the east a few degrees is the montage of profiles and rooftops, fish houses and homes, from which so many artists and photographers have found inspiration. A few degrees to the west is a clear view of all boat traffic, including the ferry, coming and going. From the sun porch, big full kitchen or from the deck you'll scan the entire lobster fishing fleet and all that goes on in the southern bay and in the vast ocean beyond. You can even keep an eye on Matinicus Island (always a good idea). Nothing will escape your attention. The Harbormaster's Berth is provided with a private king bedroom and bath, a second bath and two comfortable queen sofa beds in the living room. A few cots that can be put anywhere will allow your family to spread out.

The Tidewater

We welcome your calls and emails and are happy to answer any questions you might have about staying at the Tidwater, visiting Vinalhaven island, or holding a gathering at our facility. We encourage you to fill out the reservation form on this website so that we can check availability on your preferred dates. We will get back to you promptly to confirm your reservation. We look forward to seeing you!

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