Away Happens


AWAY HAPPENS by Phil Crossman

"There are only two places, Here, this island off the coast of Maine, and Away. Here, this place, is a small place and Away, everywhere else, is a big place, but, make no mistake about it, Here is Here and Away is not. One thousand two hundred and seventy six people live Here. Billions more live Away than live Here, although increasingly, during the summer, it seems otherwise" - from the book

"The Maine island community of Vinalhaven is 1276 individuals year round. Phil Crossman is one, or (by size and omnipresence) two of them. He is also a writer of antic gravity and grace. His sketches draw out the stretches, strains and human comedy of a place that is all face-to-face encounters: where 'when push comes to shove, and it often does', accommodation is somehow pieced together with a piece or two fitted wrong." -Richard Eder

"Absolutely one of the funniest books ever written about down east Maine - you will laugh from cover to cover." -Ivan H. Olson, Captain F/V Nancy O.

Over 6000 copies sold; to order your copy please call (207) 863-4618 or email

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